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The Impact of Improper Water Drainage Around Your Home

If downspouts are not directed away from the house, several issues can arise due to improper water drainage: Water can pool around the foundation of the house – over time this can lead to foundation cracks, settling, or even more severe structural damage as water seeps into or under the foundation If your home has […]

What To Do During A Home Inspection

Although it is not necessary to attend your home inspection, it is highly recommended. Home inspections typically average three hours, giving you a lot of time in your future home. This gives you an opportunity to look around, take measurements, or even do some design planning. Have your home inspector show you where important features […]

What Are Arc Faults?

Arc faults are a type of electrical malfunction caused by high-power discharge of electricity between two or more conductive paths. Arc faults occur when electrical current “jumps” across a gap between conductors. This can happen due to a variety of reasons; such as damaged wires, loose connections, or the presence of conductive materials (like nails […]

I am Buying a Home. Do I Need to Attend the Home Inspection?

Whether you’ve recently made an offer on a home or are preparing to list yours, a home inspection offers critical insights into the property’s current state and potential future issues. Although the resulting report will likely cover most, if not all, of the significant concerns or required repairs, reviewing it on your own doesn’t compare […]

Buying A House With Mold

Buying a house with mold does not need to be a deal breaker; but it is important to follow some important steps: Get a Professional Inspection: Hire a certified mold inspector to assess the extent of the mold problem and identify the type of mold present Understand the Scope: Determine if the mold is localized […]

Can You Say “No” To A Home Inspection?

As a buyer you have the right to decline a home inspection. However, it is generally not recommended. While it might seem tempting to save money, an inspection can uncover hidden issues that could become costly problems later on. It is a crucial step in understand the condition of the property and making informed decision. […]

What Are Common Types of Home Inspections?

General Home Inspections This can include a pre-listing inspection, a home inspection for a real estate transaction, or an inspection of your current home for your own personal knowledge and comfort. These inspections typically include an overview of the home from the foundation to the roof. The state of Ohio requires home inspector to be […]

Your Home Inspection Report

The report is something you want to ask your home inspector about when you are doing your research for the right home inspector. You want any easy to follow report and a home inspector that is willing to explain any concerns even after the report is sent. It’s a good idea to keep your home […]

Will Radon Fail A Home Inspection?

Radon testing is an additional service that can be added to a home inspection. It is recommended by the EPA and Ohio Department of Health, that all homes be tested for radon. A radon test should be performed by a licensed radon tester and takes 48 hours to complete. The radon test itself is a […]

Why Should the Attic be Checked in a Home Inspection?

The attic is often checked during a home inspection because it can reveal various issues that might impact the overall condition and integrity of the house. Inspecting the attic helps identify problems such as roof leaks, inadequate insulation, pest infestations, ventilation issues, and structural concerns. It is a critical area to examine as issues there […]