Even if you’re not selling your home, getting a home inspection has several benefits: Maintenance Planning: Identifying issues early allows you to address them promptly, preventing small problems from becoming major and costly repairs in the future Safety Concerns: Inspectors can uncover safety hazards such as faulty wiring, radon, or structural issues, helping you ensure […]

If downspouts are not directed away from the house, several issues can arise due to improper water drainage: Water can pool around the foundation of the house – over time this can lead to foundation cracks, settling, or even more severe structural damage as water seeps into or under the foundation If your home has […]

Although it is not necessary to attend your home inspection, it is highly recommended. Home inspections typically average three hours, giving you a lot of time in your future home. This gives you an opportunity to look around, take measurements, or even do some design planning. Have your home inspector show you where important features […]