Although it is not necessary to attend your home inspection, it is highly recommended. Home inspections typically average three hours, giving you a lot of time in your future home. This gives you an opportunity to look around, take measurements, or even do some design planning. Have your home inspector show you where important features […]

Arc faults are a type of electrical malfunction caused by high-power discharge of electricity between two or more conductive paths. Arc faults occur when electrical current “jumps” across a gap between conductors. This can happen due to a variety of reasons; such as damaged wires, loose connections, or the presence of conductive materials (like nails […]

Whether you’ve recently made an offer on a home or are preparing to list yours, a home inspection offers critical insights into the property’s current state and potential future issues. Although the resulting report will likely cover most, if not all, of the significant concerns or required repairs, reviewing it on your own doesn’t compare […]