Do You Really Need a Home Inspection?

Absolutely! A home inspection is crucial when buying or selling a property. It helps uncover any potential issues or repairs needed, giving a clearer picture of the home’s condition and ensuring you make an informed decision.

Inspectors thoroughly check various aspects of a property, and even well-maintained homes, can often have at least minor concerns. Not all defects need to be repaired prior to the sell, it depends on the severity of the issues found during the home inspections and negotiations between the buyer and seller. Some repairs are negotiable, while others, especially those affecting safety or structural integrity, might be crucial to address before finalizing the sale. Defects and issues found during the home inspection can also be used as maintenance checklist, giving you the insight into anticipated fixes, updates, and finances that may be needed to maintain your future home. The goal is to provide an overall understanding of the property’s condition.

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