Preventing Mold in Your Bathroom

Preventing mold in your bathroom is a lot easier than trying to get rid of it. Follow these 6 easy tips to help keep mold out of your bathroom.

Use the Exhaust Fan

The fan works by sucking the moisture out of the air and sending outside. The exhaust fan should be used during your shower and bath, and left on for at least 30 minutes after.

Fix all the Leaks

If you see a drip or a leak, fix it right away. The P-trap under your sink should be checked often, this is a common area for a slow leak. Check toilet seals to ensure no leaks and a proper seal at the base.

Check the Caulking and Grout

Ensuring proper caulking around showers and tubs is one of the easiest ways to prevent water from leaking around surrounding areas. Any areas of cracked or damaged caulking should be removed and new caulking applied. If there is tile in your bathroom, reseal the grout to prevent moisture from seeping into cracks.

Open Windows and Doors

Opening windows and doors allows the air to circulate and decreases the opportunity for condensation to build up.

Use the Squeegee

Squeegee the shower walls, door, and bathroom window after your shower to help eliminate some of the moisture and condensation.

Clean with a Mold-Killing Cleaner

A bathroom cleaner with mold killing agents can help prevent build up. A natural cleaner and environmentally friendly way to clean and protect your bathroom and other areas of your home from mold is to use equal parts vinegar and water. A personal favorite is equal parts distilled white vinegar and water with a couple drops of lavender essential oil.

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