Wood Destroying Insects: What You Should Know

Wood destroying insects can cause significant structural damage if infestations go undetected or are left untreated. Some come causes of infestations are from earth to wood contact, foam insulation at the foundation in contact with the soil, improper drainage, improper grading around the home, insufficient ventilation, and moisture.

Subterranean termites are the most common potentially damaging insect pests in Ohio. They can maintain an active viable colony in a structure without soil contact if a moisture source is available. The surface of the damaged wood can remain intact as they excavate and damage the subsurface, allowing them to go undetected.

Carpenter ants can nest inside or outside the home. Their nests are often associated with wood that has a moisture content >15%. Wood shavings can be found when carpenter ants are present.

Carpenter bees do not consume wood, but bore into the wood to create a nest. They attack wood structures such as fence posts, decks, railings, shutters, and other weathered and untreated woods.

Preventing these wood destroying insects from intruding your home can be done by fixing and replacing damaged wood, reducing humidity levels, and ensuring any wood structures are painted or stained.

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